Admiral bath complex

Chic bath complex in the heart of Sebastopol!
- Admiral bath complex, 150 sq.m.
- Finnish dry sauna, electric, with oak tubs
- Turkish bath, steam-enriched herbal extracts
- Chic warm a large swimming pool, 26 degrees, the water is filtered revolutionary cleaning system (granular oxygen) 10m * 4m * 2.5m.
- Seating area (4 beds, a table for tea, plasma TV)
- Shower and toilet rooms
       Gift of Admiral - Crimean herbal tea blend with fragrant mountain herbs
Cost - 1400 rub./hour for 4 people
350 rub. / Person per hour surcharge for each sledushchego
Total bath for 6 people


tel. ordering +7 978 768 27 63
ul.Scherbaka 22A


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